Nucleus E-Marketing
A revolutionary internet marketing methodology that is at the core of our integrated marketing strategy for your company. A methodology that goes beyond the usual ways of getting a database and sending mass emails. Which, in any case, is a sure-fire way to kill your brand.
Remember, the consumer might change his home but not his email address. And nobody likes that to be abused.
So how does it work?
Our years of experience - we have been working on the Internet since 1994 - have stood us in good stead. And we have learnt a lot about how Internet communication, if done rightly, goes a longer way towards the building of your brand and subsequent sales.
Some of the things we do to market our clients through the Internet are -
1. Design your website with total consumer focus,
2. Create opt-in email lists,
3. Create feature rich HTML emailers, urging your target audience to respond favourably to your company
4. Communicate periodically with your target audience by newsletters,
5. Provide end-to-end email database and management solutions
What will that do?
For our clients we have been able to -
Increase awareness
Increase customer loyalty
Generate and increase Client Database
Increase positive responses to the offer
Build up a strong image of the company,
In today's world of ever-increasing reliance on electronic communications, Nucleus E-marketing is what no progressive organization can do without.

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