Nucleus requires people of all ages and from all walks of life to model for its varied client and product portfolio. Whether you are a professional or an amateur of any age, male or female, send in 3 of your latest pictures at the address given below. The pictures should have you at close-up range, mid-shot and full-length. If you need to send in your pictures via email please send them to
No Portfolio As Yet?
No Problem. Over the years, our photographers have shot the best and the most famous faces in the industry, If you want to join the hot and glamourous profession of Indian modelling, you need to speak to us.
Do you believe that you have looks, poise, confidence and can make a mark? Get in touch with us immediately. We need people like you. Whatever your age, sex, marital status and background.
Do you think you have the confidence but not the looks? Let us and the people who hire you for their assignments decide that. The Nucleus team of model co-ordinators, photographers, make-up artists, is there for you.