Nucleus NuNews
  Newsletters are a very powerful way to consistently be in the minds of prospects, clients, suppliers and employees. A consistent, well-designed and well sent newsletter, as any marketing manager worth his salt will tell you, is a very effective tool in any long-term and short-term sales process.
A newsletter not only aids the building of a brand but gives companies the leverage to sell directly and indirectly.
At Nucleus we help companies by not only creating feature rich HTML newsletters but also by suggesting ways and means to make your newsletter a source of revenue, drive traffic to your website, induce people to buy, increase the number of certified prospects, manage the back-office, periodically send out the newsletters, and much more. As some of our clients will testify, a newsletter is a great marketing tool which very few people know how to use rightly. Increasing your chances of being first mover in your industry.

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